My spies tell me that Jeff Zucker and Ron Meyer had lunch in the Universal Studios commissary dreamworks_logo.giftoday with Steven Spielberg and Stacey Snider — and everybody was all smiles. Talk about a virtual public announcement that a reunion between the studio and DreamWorks isn’t far behind! “I can’t imagine GE will blow it a second time. They made an extraordinary mistake,” a source told me. Meanwhile, an agent analyzed, “I wonder if this is a negotiating ploy?” Look, we all know David Geffen still has to come to terms with GE chairman Jeff Immelt and his NBC Universal errand boy Jeff Zucker, so a deal isn’t yet a foregone conclusion. But Uni prez/COO Ron Meyer can facilitate the DreamWorks sale since he’s longtime pals with everyone involved (and Snider’s ex-boss). nbcuni-logo.gifAnd we all know that Spielberg never left the Universal lot (even after DreamWorks’ sale to Paramount), and it’s the studio where the director has been happiest. He’d like nothing better than to call the place home again, and partner David is in the business of giving Steven what he wants. So stay tuned.