More news from Deal Beach, aka Billionaires Beach. David Geffen, whose Malibu Beach Inn recently underwent a major renovation, has opened the landmark hotel to evacuees for free as well as to firefighters who sleep there in shifts during the inferno. “Why be empty? I’d rather it go to good use,” managing director Alan Goldschneider told Reuters. “They try to throw down money and their credit cards, but we’re not charging a soul. They’re saving our houses.” What a deal, since Geffen shelled out a reported $29 million, or $617,000 for each of the 47 rooms on Pacific Coast Highway. The hotel’s website informs that, despite TV and web reports, “the Malibu Beach Inn was never in danger during the recent wildfires in the city and, thus, sustained no damage. geffen-katz.jpgWe appreciate your phone calls of concern. The hotel is currently open but priority is given to firefighters and emergency personnel fighting the Malibu Canyon fires.” Meanwhile, I hear David is nervous as hell about whether his own Malibu Cape Cod-style mansion on Carbon Beach will be safe from the flames. His DreamWorks partner Jeffrey Katzenberg, whose home is also on Carbon Beach, is feeling much the same way here.