Newsstand vendors need to group the latest Fortune magazine with Hustler, Big Butt and Juggs. Because, just as I predicted, the business publication has given CAA a whore-worthy blow job in that article I told you was coming and is now online. caalogo.jpgRead it only if you don’t mind nausea induced by uncritical writing and reporting. Worse, there is not even one new fact even though the mag spent months and months on the piece (which borrows heavily from my own proprietary reporting without once crediting me). UPDATE: *And Fortune doesn’t even know it was Broder Webb, not CAA, who packaged Grey’s Anatomy. Or, that CSI and its spinoffs are all split packages between UTA and CAA. Or, that CAA poached Sandy Bullock from UTA, not ICM. Also, I can’t believe the mag perpetuates this fiction dating back to Ovitz days that CAA doesn’t want publicity. In fact, Bryan Lourd is among the most manipulative media maneuverers in Hollywood, especially when the reporting starts to focus on himself. logo_fortune1.gifMost journalists know not to believe anything Richard Lovett says because he’s such an incorrigible liar. So is Lourd, but he packages himself better since he feigns sincerity so well.* I keep railing against the no-balls Hollywood journalism that keeps filling the news and feature wells of major publications, but then again I understand why it exists: the product of lazy writers with no sources, stupid editors with low standards, corrupt managers with Big Media agendas. Clearly, Fortune and Portfolio must be competing with one another for the title of Official Hollywood Pornographer. Don’t be surprised if future issues come with a box of condoms. For my own reporting, see my previous:

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