Tonight, the AMPTP president Nick Counter sent this letter to the major basic craft unions “in the face of some misinformation and rumors regarding [their] contractual No Strike obligations”. teamsters10.JPGFunny enough, it posted on the producers’ website soon after I posted this news about Leo Reed’s Teamsters Local 399 (see my previous: ‘Most’ Hollywood Teamsters To Honor WGA Picket Lines, Says Union Insider).

Counter warned Studio Transportation Drivers Local 399, Plumbers Local 78, Ornamental Plasterers Modelers and Scupltors Local 755, IBEW Local 40, and Studio Utility Employees Local 724 that under the No Strike Clauses of the Basic Crafts Union’ agreements “we expect each Union to comply with this No Strike obligation and order your members to work.”

Counter’s toothless letter notwithstanding, a producers’ source admitted to me tonight there’s “nothing illegal about Leo Reed invoking the ‘conscience clause’. But the problem is he hates this industry.” How much this could disrupt Hollywood production will depend on how many picket lines the WGA can set up and for how long. Based on what I’ve heard tonight, I’d say the Teamsters’ support of a WGA strike could very well prove to be a turning point in these negotiations.