caalogo.jpgBecause husband Paul Bettany left ICM for CAA, rumors are afloat that Oscar-winner Jennifer Connelly is next to jump. But she’s been with Risa Shapiro since she was 14… ICM also recently lost director Jan De Bont to icmnewlogo1-small.jpgParadigm’s Jim Osborne (formerly one of Ed Limato’s protegees at ICM). Meanwhile, ICM just signed Rob Zombie of the reinvented Halloween and Chris Miller, the director of Shrek 3… And while I’m on the subject of agents, United Talent stole away two CAA writers recently: united-talent.JPGMichael Goldenberg who wrote Harry Potter And The Order Of the Phoenix, and Clay Tarver who wrote Men Making Music which he will direct at Paramount… Meanwhile, axed CAA veteran agent David Styne is taking a lot of meetings with other tenpercenteries. (Update: Axed CAA’er David Styne Lands At ICM.)