ryan_gosling.jpgDo not believe a ridiculous report that there will be litigation over Ryan Gosling dropping out of The Lovely Bones right before principal photography was to begin on the Peter Jackson movie based on the Alice Sebold novel. Really, the b.s. on the blogosphere is amazing. Here’s what happened, according to a good source: “Ryan’s 26. The character of Jack is 36. Ryan and Peter both believed that if he put on a little weight, and perhaps added a beard, that it would age him up. In the end, Ryan felt he couldn’t make the age leap in a way he felt good about.” Another source confirms there won’t be any lawsuit, but tells me about friction which was tantamount to a “battle of wills”: Jackson “had a very hard time” with Gosling’s putting out a million ideas of what he wanted to do without taking into account Jackson’s own directorial vision. “Jackson didn’t want to work with him after spending time with him in Pittsburgh,” the insider says, “And the thought was that Ryan went overboard with the weight gain” and showed up way too heavy. So Mark Wahlberg took Gosling’s place in the DreamWorks production.