It’s rare indeed for talent agencies to sue their clients. united-talent.JPGUnless the situation is really egregious, that is. Now Wesley Snipes finds himself on the hook for $1.7 million to United Talent Agency, which may never collect on the debt. The tenpercentery filed suit July 2006 in Los Angeles Superior Court accusing the Blade trilogy star of breaching a verbal agreement dating back to November 2002 to join the agency and pay 10% commissions. snipes1.jpgUTA claims its agents were principally responsible for getting him parts in the movies Chaos, Middle Man, The Shooter as well as negotiating his $13 mil for Blade III. Snipes left the agency in February 2006. After UTA filed its complaint, it was unable to serve the star personally with notice of the lawsuit. Snipes never responded even though a summons was then published in two newspapers. UTA was seeking a default judgment, which Superior Court Judge David Workman just signed and entered against the actor. But Snipes also is facing trial October 22nd in Florida on tax fraud charges and faces up to 16 years in prison. As an insider told me, “UTA worked really hard for the guy. But if he spends 16 years in jail, it might be hard to collect from him.”