Back on August 9th, I reported the rumors that Bart Walker had been fired from CAA. caa.bmpAnd again, on August 22nd, I reported the more specific rumor that the New York agent was leaving CAA to join indie prince John Sloss. Of course, a CAA partner swore up and down to me that none of this was happening. I told him I didn’t believe him. Well, I was right: Walker today departed CAA to join Sloss as a partner in film sales agency Cinetic Media. The partners will launch a new talent management division, Cinetic Management. “We see Cinetic as a new kind of service company, one that will create innovative structures that benefit filmmakers as well as financiers so that their creative and economic goals are realized,” Cinetic founder Sloss and Walker said in a joint statement. “Cinetic’s move into management is a strong step in the direction of bringing artists into close proximity with ownership, finance, sales and distribution.” Walker headed the motion picture division of ICM’s NY office until he went to CAA in 2004. His most famous indie client Sofia Coppola has lost momentum as has Julie Taymor so it’s not clear which of his clients will follow him. So why did Walker’s move take so long? Well, CAA has this habit of placing its discarded agents around the Industry to make it look as if everything is amicable. In turn, the grateful peon is pathetically beholden to the agency for not being humiliated.

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