Richard Konigsberg was among the Ed Limato protégé agents summarily dismissed by ICM (and by the way, he did “turn off the lights”). On August 25th, I reported that Konigsberg was going to Paradigm. In fact, he wound up changing his mind and started his own management company, RKM. “For 12 years I received a priceless education working at ICM for and with my mentor Ed Limato. I then had the opportunity to sit down with Sam Gores, another kind of visionary,” Konigsberg emails me. “It struck me after meeting over at Paradigm that I wanted to be in control of my own destiny. So here I sit. RKM is open for business.” He says that Limato, the William Morris Agency, and ICM have all embraced his new venture. Nice to know that someone could bring those folks together.