weinsteinlogo.jpgI’m told there are two tough Hollywood business pieces in the works: the Los Angeles Times is looking at The Weinstein Co, and The New York Times is working on an MGM article. Interesting how every weekend MGM gripes not-so-privately about having to distribute Harvey & Bob’s box office crap — except for hits 1408 and Halloween, of course. And also fascinating how Harvey recently chose one of his lap dog media outlets, the New York Post, to keep reassuring Wall Street and Hollywood that his company isn’t in the serious trouble many people think it is. Meanwhile, TWC isn’t helping Harv’s “counter the negativity” campaign mgmlogosmall.jpgby seeming to dump rather than distribute those losers which the indie movie company is contractually on the hook to release on its own. (Examples of this keep coming to me by email… Oy vey.) But eerie how the problems of the two companies are so similar: both releasing way too much bad product, both caught in the credit crunch, both unable to recapture the magic that made them legendary.