The story behind the story of the Ari Emanuel-brokered move by the scandal plagued ex-HBO head Chris Albrecht to IMG is that it conceivably puts the Endeavor talent agency in play again. endeavor-ari.JPGA lot of speculation is sizzling around Hollywood that Ari could finally broker a deal for Endeavor to cash out or bulk up now that his big buddy has that big job as head of the global media unit at the sports /fashion /entertainment /media marketing and management giant. (See my Ari Emanuel Defends Fired Chris Albrecht.) No one here has forgotten that, back in 2004, the ink wasn’t even dry on private equity firm Forstmann Little’s $750 mil acquisition of IMG when financier Teddy Forstmann and Emanuel held talks about acquiring or investing in the 12-year-old boutique talent agency. Nor is it a secret that Endeavor for some time has been considering some kind of merger while Forstmann has been scouting a Tinseltown deal. After all, Albrecht will also be a special limited partner in Forstmann Little and he and Teddy will raise a $250 million fund for investments in media and entertainment content. I’m told that after Albrecht was pushed from HBO last May, Emanuel called Forstmann, the chairman of IMG, to set up a meeting inside of a month. imgalbrecht.JPG“They actually had their lunch at Wimbledon,” an insider told me. (IMG does business with major tennis stars: HBO used to broadcast the major tourney.) So Emanuel’s yearly attendance at Teddy’s’s heavyweight economic and political Aspen get-together may finally pay off. Less well known than “Camp Allen” which is Allen & Co’s summer investment conference for corporate plutocrats in Sun Valley, “Camp Forstmann” every September features heads of state, tycoons, and entertainers discuss the pressing matters of the day inbetween hiking and golfing. But unlike Camp Allen which gets plenty of publicity, Camp Forstmann’s organizers refuse to even confirm the event exists. (Which no doubt is why its attendees last year included Iraqi President Jalai Talabani and other security nightmares.) As it happens, Camp Forstmann is coming up: I’ve learned it will be held during the last week in September headquartered at the base of Aspen Mountain in the St. Regis Resort.

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