portfolio.JPGNote to Si Newhouse: My vote to fix your dreadful Portfolio magazine is Peter Kaplan, current editor of the New York Observer. A lot of people forget that he was editorial director of the absolutely best business magazine ever, Manhattan Inc., which got out of the gate as a hot mag and became a national must-read soon after. As The New York Times said about it: “Readers were attracted by articles that took a sometimes titillating look at the powerful people making news in New York’s supercharged business climate. Advertisers liked the magazine’s rich demographics. Subscribers tended to be the same kind of people that the magazine writes about – big income business executives.” Now that’s what Portfolio should be, instead of a repository for CEO Porn. Really, the mag should come in a brown paper wrapper it’s so disgusting. I’m still waiting for Portfolio to shock and awe me with its Hollywood coverage instead of inducing nausea. (Full Disclosure: I was West Coast Editor of NYO for Kaplan for a coupla years. We had fun messin’ with the moguls.) My previous: Don’t Bother With Portfolio’s CEO Porn