Sony’s Superbad should continue as No. 1 this weekend. Down 40% or less would be a big show of strength for this low-cost coming-of-age comedy from producer Judd Apatow (who’s now officially a mogul in my opinion). My box office gurus expect a Superbad weekend close to $20 mil from its 2,948 theaters. Next among newcomers comes Lionsgate’s War with Jet Li and Jason Stratham which should debut “in the high teens” from 2,277 venues. And No. 3 among freshmen probably goes to The Nanny Diaries starring Scarlett Johansson from The Weinstein Co/MGM in the low teens with 2,629 runs. Really, how irritating that these people took a hot book and made a sitcom instead of a movie (horrible reviews on RottenTomatoes). No one knows quite where Mr. Bean’s Holiday (1,713 dates) will end up since his movies are always hard to predict. Instead of the films, the really BIG news this weekend will be the moment that Summer 2007 crosses into the record books. Media By Numbers said yesterday’s total is $3.881 billion, close to the precedent-setting $3.95 billion of 2004.