bourneultimatum_bigreleaseposter.jpgNearly perfect reviews, non-stop action and the cool combo of Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass should produce a $65 opening weekend for Universal’s third in the series The Bourne Ultimatum. Yes, my box office gurus have upped their predictions, while the studio is lowering expectations to $55 mil. Playing in 3,660 theaters starting today, this PG-13 thriller light on CGI looks way bigger than Bourne #1 (the June 2002 original The Bourne Identity which opened to $27 mil) and even Bourne #2 (the July 2004 sequel The Bourne Supremacy which debuted to $53 mil). The only bad news is that I hear reshoots made the price of this Bourne creep upwards to $110 mil. But its domestic and international ticket receipts should hand Universal a hefty profit, nonetheless. (The studio is one of the most reticient to give away gross to players.) As for next weekend, my analysts tell me those well-done trailers for New Line’s Rush Hour 3 should tease a $45 million debut. But that sounds low considering that the studio overpaid Chris Tucker to do the threequel and set a new salary high for Hollywood.