superbad100.JPGSUNDAY AM: Today, Summer 2007 box office smashed the record for domestic gross receipts and zoomed past $3.95 billion set in 2004 to $4.003 billion. (See my story here.) Otherwise, this was one of those few times in Hollywood when age and familiarity bested youth and novelty. I’m talking about the Top 10 weekend box office, of course. (What did you think?) So oldies but goodies occupied Numbers 1-3. Of course, the fact that this is late August, and the best summer movies have already opened, and now all we’re left with is the dogs, may have something to do with it as well. Sony’s holdover Superbad finished at the top with $18 million ($5.7 mil Friday and $6.7 mil Saturday, or -46%) from 2,948 theaters. The new cume for mogul Judd Apatow’s low-cost coming of age laugher is $68.6 mil. It’s only the 3rd summer film to win back-to-back weekends with Spidey 3 and Pirates 3. But, again, the competition was weak.

nanny.jpgSo much so, that even for its fourth weekend, Universal’s The Bourne Ultimatum starring Matt Damon managed #2 with $12.3 mil ($3.6 mil Friday and $5.4 mil Saturday from 3,679 runs) for a hefty new cume of $185.1 mil. New Line’s Rush Hour 3 finished the weekend #3 with $11.5 mil from 3,442 dates for a new cume of $107.7 mil. A newcomer grabbed No. 4, Universal’s freshman laugher Mr. Bean’s Holiday debuted with $10.1 mil this weekend from just 1,714 venues. This latest in Brit comic Rowan Atkinson’s comedy franchise should move up after a projected $10 mil weekend. Managing 5th place, Lionsgate’s War starring Jet Li and Jason Statham opened to $9.5 mil this weekend from 2,277 plays. No. 6 was yet another Weinstein Co bomb, horribly reviewed The Nanny Diaries distributed by MGM. It’s hard to ruin a hot book and a hot starlet, Scarlet Johannson, but the Weinsteins turned this into a dreadful sitcom of a film which debuted to only $7.3 mil this weekend from 2,277 runs.

hartnettport.jpgFor its fifth weekend, 20th Century Fox’s The Simpsons Movie hung on to #7 with $4.5 mil from 2,600 theaters and a fat new cume of $173.6 mil. No. 8 went to Paramount’s bomb Stardust whose new cume from 3 weekends out is only $26.6 mil after taking in $4.1 mil from 2,339 venues. Concluding 6 weekends in release, New Line’s Hairspray was 9th taking in $3.5 mil from 2,016 plays for a new cume of $107.6 mil. And, rounding out the Top 10, Warner’s dog of a movie The Invasion, starring career-troubled Nicole Kidman, eked out a paltry $3.2 mil (-46%) from mostly empty 2,776 theaters its second weekend out for a paltry new cume of $11.6 mil. I should also point out that Yari Film Group’s Resurrecting The Champ with Josh Hartnett was a huge disaster despite an expensive TV ad campaign, opening only 15th with $1.6 mil this weekend from 1,605 dates and a lousy per screen average.

september-dawn.JPGMeanwhile, Mitt Romney has nothing to fear from the pic September Dawn because no one saw it: the Slowhand film opened to only $615K this weekend from 857 venues for a paltry per screen average under $250 (probably, people who were just craving movie theater popcorn). It’s ridiculous to think an indie film depicting one of the darkest and most controversial events in Mormon history could ruin the Republican presidential candidate because he’s a Mormon. Even more ridiculous to think Hollywood is releasing this pic depicting graphic scenes of violence and fanaticism by 19th century Mormons on purpose to upset his campaign. See my previous Will New Anti-Mormon Movie Hurt Mitt?