ratnervariety1.JPGIn my mind, there’s no bigger putz who doesn’t believe he’s a putz than Brett Ratner. And, trust me, this is a crowded category in Hollywood. But he wins hands-down because there’s no other working director who so jejunely revels in Hollywood’s casting couch stereotype. He’s purposefully overexposed, proudly undertalented and priapicly whorish (all hilarious to Defamer). Knowing that Mr. $1 Billion In Global Ticket Sales is associated with a movie is enough to make a third of the filmgoing public give that pic a miss. Yet the studios keep hiring him, most recently at the helm of New Line’s over budget Rush Hour 3 which opens August 10th. Apparently the moguls think like my paper LA Weekly‘s film editor Scott Foundas who this week writes a slobbery love letter to The Popcorn King: “It is an idea that may initially strike you as radical or preposterous, and which could jeopardize my standing in the film-criticism community. And yet, here goes: Brett Ratner is a talented filmmaker who deserves to be taken seriously.” Earth to Scott: either you need a vacation, or you need better drugs.