Here were all his unfinished projects: Merv Griffin Entertainment, The Marty SingeRanch racing stable, TeleView Racing Patrol, Worldwide Real Estate, Inc., The Griffin Ranch Development, Griff Yacht, St. Cleran’s Manor (Ireland), Coconut Productions. In fact, Merv’s latest game show Crosswords premieres September 10th: the half-hour syndicated daytime strip from the mastermind of Jeopardy and Wheel Of Fortune had already cleared network affiliates and major independents in 28 of the “Top 30”, and 45 of the “Top 50”, U.S. markets. It will also be seen in Canada. Merv was one of 60 million American crossword puzzlers and used to do four of them each morning before starting his day. His other TV show, Lisa Williams: Life Among The Dead, was picked up by Lifetime for a second season starting October 12th.