This is hilarious. A few hours after director Michael Bay declared “No Blu-Ray, No ‘Transformers’ 2!” (and nearly gave poor Paramount boss Brad Grey a panic attack), he has backtracked. By the way, to answer all your questions about my personal views, I honestly don’t care which format takes over; I just want ONE format to win already. And the funniest email I’ve received these past few days has to be this: “The most upsetting part of your story is the possibility that the future of home entertainment might hinge in any way on what Michael Bay says or does. Horrifying, even.” As for my own opinion, now I understand why his ‘The Island’ sucked so bad. Anyway, here’s what the helmer just posted on his “Shoot For The Edit” website. Interesting how quickly and easily he became a new convert to HD DVD:

“Last night at dinner I was having dinner with three Blu-ray owners. They were pissed about no Transformers Blu-ray, and I drank the Kool-Aid hook, line and sinker. So at 1:30 in the morning I posted — nothing good ever comes out of early AM posts, mind you — I over reacted. I heard where Paramount is coming from and the future of HD and players that will be close to the $200 mark which is the magic number. I like what I heard.

As a director, I’m all about people seeing films in the best quality possible, and I saw and heard firsthand people upset about a corporate decision.

So today I saw 300 on HD, it rocks!

So I think I might be back on to do Transformers 2!”

And here’s what Bay posted earlier today in an online outburst thought to be the first time a director has openly criticized a studio for its choice of high-def formats:

“I want people to see my movies in the best formats possible. For them to deny people who have Blu-ray sucks! They were progressive by having two formats. No Transformers 2 for me!”

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