Here is the email that Ed Limato sent to former colleagues at ICM, including Ron Bernstein, Leigh Brillstein, Pam Brockie, Bob Broder, Ted Chervin, Sam Cohn, Kevin Crotty, Sloan Harris, Patrick Herold, Toni Howard, Paul Hook, Maarten Kooij, Steve Levine, Doug MacLaren, Esther Newberg, Nick Reed, Terry Rhodes, Hal Sadoff, Lori Sale, Michael Tenzer, Amanda Urban, Chris von Goetz, Steve Wohl…

To each and every one of you,
I want to thank all of you for some of the best years of my life. I’ve been an agent for forty years, thirty of which I have spent with ICM. Indeed, I received my start in this business in the mailroom of a forerunner of ICM, and I’m very proud of that fact.
The company has been good to me and I in turn have been good to it. I have no regrets leaving, as I go on to the next portion of my career, except leaving all of you.
I will miss the smiles, the hellos and the warm greetings I received through the halls and in the elevators every day. I will miss getting your phone calls and working together for our clients on a daily basis. I have nothing but the very best to say about the people of ICM.
I will always think of you with fondness and affection and I hope you will always think of me in the same way. I wish each and everyone of you success and happiness.
Very sincerely,
Ed Limato