Even though NBC keeps claiming that relations between the network and Leno are just fine, thank you, Jay keeps demonstrating his deep resentment. Everyone knows the host who’s No. 1 in late night ratings has to leave in 2009 to make way for Conan — the result of a shake-up orchestrated by Jeff Zucker in such a brutal way that it hurt Leno. How hurt? Well, on last night’s The Tonight Show, Jay half-heartedly showed off a few set redecorations made while he was on vacation, including a new desk. Admitting he didn’t see what was wrong with the old one, Leno quipped: “It’s not like NBC to get rid of something that’s worked perfectly well for 15 years.” Another reason why Leno can’t be too thrilled is that NBC Universal is contemplating a spiffy new theater and offices on Universal Studios’ Stage One for Conan to do The Tonight Show from the West Coast. Meanwhile, Leno remains inside his threadbare Burbank cramped quarters. (Believe me, the place is a dump.) We feel your pain, Jay. Previous: Is Leno Starting to Hint About His Future?