julia-roberts.JPGWell, this is really, really embarrassing for the Los Angeles Times. Because its very, very late article on ICM has a big glaring error right in the very first paragraph. Staffer Lorenza Muñoz writes that Julia Roberts followed Jim Wiatt from ICM to William Morris eight years ago. Never happened. At the time that Wiatt defected in 1999, Julia was still repped by her longtime ICM agent Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas who one year later left to head up production in the NYC office of Joe Roth’s Revolution Studios. Roberts already was close  with ICM topper Jeff Berg, who negotiated all her megadeals setting new salary highs for a Hollywood actress. But Julia missed having a BFF agent (like Goldsmith was). Still, it wasn’t until 2003 that the superstar left ICM to be repped by party hearty Kevin Huvane at CAA. Sheesh, doesn’t the LA Times ever fact-check via Nexis? As for the rest of the article, it merely regurgitates the info I’ve already posted here over the past year. Meanwhile, the paper might do well to remember that Variety ran a June 22, 2006 story headlined, “Has ICM squandered the momentum that could have come with a restructuring?” without knowing, at that very moment, ICM and Broder already had a signed letter of intent in their hands. I can tell you this: serious discussions are going on right now between ICM and a major agency. So stay tuned.