chriscarlisle.jpgThe rumor mill is claiming that Chris Carlisle, exec V-P of marketing at Fox Broadcasting Co since 2004, has been offered Russell Schwartz’s New Line marketing job. (See my previous: Another Reason Why Bob Shaye Is A Prick.) Fox insiders say that’s what everyone there is being told and that Carlisle will be leaving in a week or two to assume the title of New Line’s President of Marketing. I’m trying to confirm.

new-line.jpgHere’s the 411: A one-time FX marketing exec, Carlisle got to Fox and famously launched Fox’s TV medical drama House by distributing free DVDs of the pilot through Entertainment Weekly and People magazines. Most recently, he helped Fox began thinking about ways to make its commercial breaks more entertaining when the network realized that Nielsen’s commercial-ratings data were going to be taken seriously by advertisers. The idea was for Fox to begin running short animated clips about a taxi driver known as “Oleg” who offered up chat during ad breaks.

Then, in May, Fox Broadcasting reportedly reorganized its marketing department and morphed it into an in-house ad agency called Fox Infinity with Carlisle in charge. The idea was to enable Fox to produce original promotional content more quickly and uniformly for the network, new media initiatives, other divisions of News Corp. and even Fox’s media clients.

It may just be my opinion, but doesn’t this out-of-the-box Fox gig sound way more exciting than the traditional New Line job?

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