duchovny.jpgHilarious that it’s taken until today for The New York Times‘ Bill Carter to declare HB-Over. (I guess Les Moonves didn’t tell him what to think about it until now.) I already did it June 12th (HBO Needs To Wise Up, Or Get Whacked) and June 13th in LA Weekly (Fade To Black), and again August 5th (HBO Hanging Itself On Hanging Chads Pic). Meanwhile, critics have reviled Showtime’s Californication, but I adore it. For one thing, the show is way more illustrative of Hollywood (and Los Angeles) than HBO’s jumped-the-shark Entourage. For another, the writers and David Duchovny brilliantly humiliate that hubris infused guy we all know with enough self-destruction to make him likeable, a near impossibility on a series like this. The only problem is that Showtime, unlike HBO, can’t market worth a damn. Or else the riveting Dexter and its upcoming 2nd season would be the pay channel series everyone is talking about. Instead, the silence is deafening. HBO now has crap but promotes it well, and Showtime has good stuff and can’t get it arrested. I say HBO and Showtime should swap marketing departments.