Can Hollywood’s “Summer Of Blockbusters” set a U.S. record at the box office? Media By Numbers prepared figures for me showing that summer-to-date revenues for 2007 are $3.624 billion, well ahead of summer-to-date revenues for 2006 of $3.312 billion. Revenue is up 9.42% and attendance is also up 4.63%. But the period from May 1 through Labor Day of 2007 also is shaping up well against the biggest summer on record, 2004’s $3.95 billion. True, all the big tentpoles have been released already, a lot of sequels sank, most of the pics faded faster than expected, and these numbers aren’t adjusted for ticket prices or inflation. Nor can summer 2007 touch record-setting summer 2002 for most tickets sold. (I know, Hollywood box office figures are starting to resemble baseball statistics with lots of asterisks after every record set…) But there were so many blockbusters crowded in weekend after weekend that summer 2007 looks good to set a new Hollywood record by Monday, September 3rd. True, it’s going down to the wire. But worries that the 2007 period would not even keep pace with last year’s have turned out to be wrong. (I didn’t jump on that bandwagon, but Reuters sure did in late June.) So there you have it.