caa.bmpA CAA partner this afternoon vehemently denied to me those rumors sweeping Hollywood about his agency. He says longtime agent Bob Bookman is not leaving to head director Paul Greengrass’ company and ex-ICM agent Bart Walker is not exiting as well. bobbookman.jpgI can tell you that Bookie is on vacation in France right now, and that Greengrass’s primary CAA agent is Beth Swofford although Bob is on the helmer’s team. Sure, there have been regular rumors that Bookie is leaving the tenpercentery, yet none have turned out to be true yet. But this was the most specific I’d heard in a long time. As for Walker, who works out of CAA’s NYC office, it is true that his most famous indie client Sofia Coppola has lost  momentum after Marie Antoinette. He headed the motion picture division of ICM’s NY office until he went to CAA in 2004. Look, expect a lot more rumors between now and December about all the talent agencies during this precarious pre-strike period when overheads are being slashed, agents fired or their contracts renegotiated, and even clients cut. I’ll try to get you the scoop on what’s real and what’s not.