paramount-logo.jpgEver since Janet Hill got dumped as Brad Grey’s exec VP of corporate communications (at DreamWorks’ insistence), the Paramount boss has been without a press rep. Enter Steven Rubenstein to the rescue as spokesperson. Interesting that the son of PR legend Howard Rubenstein (aka “The Fixer”) and the heir to the firm’s throne is now personally handling Grey after all those Paramount vs DreamWorks stories. steven.jpgBut Steven has been quoted as saying that “part of why people hire us is we keep our mouths shut” from his NYC perch on Sixth Avenue. And that’s the advice I hear Steven is giving Brad: just let DreamWorks get all the headlines now. Steven’s involvement means Page Six will lay off, given Howard’s much ballyhooed relationship with Rupert Murdoch where the two men talk every day. But what about other press? Eventually, Grey will start moving to replace Hill (who I’m told hired Rubenstein as a consultant “like a million years ago” but he purposely kept in the background). Or is that Steven who picks her successor.