This just in … In its six week of release, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End has now earned $904.7 million worldwide at the box office, becoming the 9th movie in Hollywood history to make this much money. Pirates 3 is now the most popular global release of the summer and of 2007, beating out Spider-Man 3 who’s worldwide total now is $882 mil. (Oops, there goes the Sony team’s dreams of Malibu beach houses in their year-end bonus packages.) But Spidey 3 still wears the North American crown. Disney says Johnny Depp and crew did another $14 million overseas this weekend, elevating the pic’s cume to $608.9 mil and #6 on the all-time foreign chart. Domestically, Jack Sparrow brought in $5 mil this weekend to put Pirates 3‘s domestic gross now at $295.8 mil. But Spider-Man 3 still made the most domestic box office with $333.6 million. Its foreign is $548.9 mil.

Earlier in the summer I chronicled a catfight between Sony and Disney over both pics’ worldwide grosses. (May I never get caught in the middle of a Hollywood brawl like that again!) Well, now the two studios are purring pleasantries. I hear that Sony will congratulate Disney when the Pirates threequel passes the Peter Parker threequel in global gross receipts. Tobey may have made it faster overall and bigger domestically, but Johnny has sea legs overseas. Amazing, neveretheless, that both movies made it over or just under the $900 million worldwide mark.

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