Now that MTV has ruined Laguna Beach, it’s moving up the coast to Newport Harbor for its 4th season of the rich teen reality show called, appropriately, Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County. “New cast, new beach, new drama,” is the execrable title of the series deputing August 15th at 10:30 p.m. Makes sense since not only was Season 3 of LB the most boring yet but there have been lots of news reports about how the town and people really hated MTV and the show filming in their midst. So Tony DiSanto, EVP of series development and programming for MTV, had to find new suckers to roll. This time, the kids are in their last year of high school. “On the road to their first kiss, the newest couple at school contends with a protective father and a girl that’s used to getting everything she wants. Meanwhile, former best friends compete for the affection of a younger beauty.” Starting today, goes live for all the 411. Kill me now, OK?