Wow, those people at Fox sure know how to market a movie. First, Homer Simpson opened American Idol back in May to tease the pic. Now he introduced The Tonight Show this evening before the film’s July 27th release — and the toon did an NBC-bashing, GE-mugging monologue to boot. genbc.JPGIn the animated intro, Homer quipped that NBC stands for “Never Been Crappier”. Homer also said that “GE makes a lot of other bad things. According to my daughter Lisa, GE fills the air with more dangerous hydrocarbon emissions than Rosie O’Donnell”. After a few jokes, the toon was led out by security guards while a Simpsonized Leno watched. Later, the real Jay took over the show and said, “I want to thank Homer Simpson for filling in. We had Lindsay Lohan but turns out she was already booked.” Then Rob Schneider came out as Lindsay Lohan, with blond wig and ankle bracelet, and stayed in character as Leno’s first guest.