In my latest lalogo.gif column, Nasty, Nasty, Nasty, I wrap up the tenpercentery story everyone’s talking about. Here’s how it begins: “After 32 years of working together, it’s all over between ICM and iconic motion-picture talent agent Ed Limato, who was also the tenpercentery’s co-president. Long, successful and, even more to the point, profitable relationships like this one come along infrequently in Hollywood — where institutional memories are short and personal loyalties shorter still. The brief version of what happened is that Limato’s laweeklybill-limatosmaller.jpgemployment contract expired in June and negotiations for a new pact hit a dead end. The long version is a running drama fraught with emotion, ranging from sadness to bitterness to nastiness, that has the town transfixed and taking sides… Contd.