UPDATE: *Sent home under house arrest today, Paris The Heiress was ordered to court at 9 a.m. tomorrow by the Los Angeles judge who put her in jail in the first place. He wants to determine whether she should be put back behind bars. Well, let’s hear it for equality, finally!* This is usually a Paris Hilton-free zone. But I am nauseous at the parody of justice we’re seeing unfold inside Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca’s department. As if the poor or unfamous could ever get the same favored treatment allowed this celebutante. The latest news is that, for unspecified medical/mental reasons she was supposedly suicidal, she’ll do the rest of her sentence at her new $12 million Hollywood Hills villa reportedly with no restrictions regarding visitors or alcohol or perks. This, after the L.A. Superior Court judge made it clear he expected Paris to do real jail time. But, once again, this town lets the semi-famous get away with murder (both figuratively and literally). Unfortunately, Sheriff Baca doesn’t stand for re-election until 2010 or we could kick him to the curb sooner. Anyway, the next time you rich sons-of-bitches are in legal trouble, remember the (wink, wink) Paris Special. Where the ankle bracelets confine you to full-frills mansions, and let you lunch at Nobu.