It was bad enough that his Warner Bros executive compensation package full of generous stock options made a semi-billionaire of Terry Semel. So rich, in fact, that he was raking in a lot more than Jerry Levin, the head of parent company Time Warner at the time. Now Semel’s Yahoo! shares and option gains have made his six years at the helm worth $528 million. went back through all the public filings and counted it up. Semel’s personal profit works out to be $282,000 a day. For losing out to Google! No wonder the serfs, er, shareholders, revolted and forced him out of his management job. (Previous: Terry Semel Hoisted On His Petard.) Yahoo! justified the figure by saying, “During his tenure Terry helped Yahoo! increase its revenues nearly nine-fold from $717 million in 2001 to $6.4 billion in 2006; boost operating income from a loss in 2001 to nearly $1 billion last year; and create more than $30 billion in shareholder value.” Oh, and in his spare time, Semel cured cancer. Explain to me: WHAT is so special about this guy?