teri.JPGI’m told that Ben Silverman has hired Teri Weinberg to be the new exec vp of NBC Entertainment effective immediately. She was his assistant until a few years ago, then his development executive at his production company Reveille (and held other titles, like his co-executive producer on Ugly Betty). She’ll report to Silverman and Marc Graboff, who earlier this week were named co-chairs of NBC Entertainment and NBC Universal Television Studio. In turn, comedy, drama and everything below will report to her. My understanding is that, as a result, everything at Reveille’s scripted division will be shut down indefinitely. nbc-logo-72rgb-pos_jpeg.jpgOnly Reveille’s unscripted division continues. So much for NBC/Silverman’s announced plans to keep Reveille up and running: I knew it couldn’t happen given the obvious appearance of conflict of interest. (See my previous posting, Don’t Sweep This Under The Rug, NBC). This, and Friday’s naming of Katherine Pope as the new prez of NBC Universal Television Studio, Silverman is moving swifter than greased lightning to reorganize both the network and NUTS. Meanwhile, Weinberg is described to me as a “world-class prima donna” who claims primary credit for making The Office successful. Given the description of Pope, I’m told to stay tuned for fireworks. As one TV honcho says: “If you think Bromstad and Reilly, two genuinely decent people, couldn’t get along, wait until you see Weinberg and Pope battle for supremacy. Not enough oxygen in Burbank for that one.”

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