tvnewser.jpgHe’s young, he’s ambitious, he’s accurate, and he’s going to be a big star. (I’m a huge fan.) So now The New York Times has plucked Brian Stelter of’s TVNewser from the blogging world to cover the media world for the paper and Interestingly, the NYT just did a front page profile of him last November (“The Kid With All the News About the TV News”). And kid he is: he only graduated from college this month. As NYT business editor Larry Ingrassia said in a memo: “Stelter started the blog in 2004 during winter break, and soon was hired by to keep writing it. He made it a must read by getting scoops about the comings and goings in the business. So dedicated was Brian to his blog that he updated it – posting an item about NBC News – between interviews with Times editors in our building recently.” He’ll do double duty in biz and culture, working with TV editor Steve Reddicliffe and reporters Bill Carter, Jacques Steinberg and Ed Wyatt. Given Stetler’s youth, I bet he’s being paid in Converse sneakers and M&Ms.

mediabistro_logo.gifAnd, while I’m on the subject, produces other must-read media blogs that combine pickups with original reporting. Its GalleycatFishbowlNY and FishbowlDC are all smart and serious sites. True, none are as deliciously snarky as Nick Denton’s Gawker empire, yet the blogosphere has room for both. But then there’s MediaBistro’s FishbowLA, which blows. Blogger after blogger in charge just can’t get it right. The site usually serves warmed-over news in such an jejune way that you cringe instead of nod or laugh. Nor does it help that it’s regularly inaccurate — like when it’s writing about me, for some reason. [Full Disclosure: I turned down MediaBistro’s financial offer last year to co-brand my site.] Instead of trying to cover this town’s infotainment world with the same insight and integrity of its other outlets, MediaBistro has allowed its LA outpost to become little more than a dumping ground for dopey kudos to the bloggers’ pals. I just think LA deserves much, much better. Why not co-brand Kevin Roderick’s