bluelynch.jpgI love stories of obsession involving the persuasive power of great film — though not necessarily the lure of the eerie and violent. So there’s an avant garde artist going around the world showing his painstaking recreation of David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. “If the 1986 landmark of film noir bizarre can officially claim the status of cult classic, then Brooklyn artist Christian Tomaszewski has become its high priest, leading the devoted to worship at shrines he’s created in Poland, Germany, and Queens,” says an article in this week’s Village Voice, my sister paper. “For the past three years, in a series of museum installations (the final now at the Sculpture Center through July 29), Tomaszewski has been remaking the movie’s spaces, props, and moods, including the hallways outside Isabella Rossellini’s apartment, a scale-model view from the closet where naked Kyle MacLachlan witnesses gas-sucking Dennis Hopper commit a brutal rape, and that notorious severed ear.” Some people just have way too much time on their hands.