knockedupjack.JPGSo who’s your Daddy now? Based on gross receipts for first Monday and then also Tuesday in U.S. theaters, the filthy but funny Knocked Up overtook Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and became the most popular film in the country. What a shocker: this is not what any expert predicted. Everyone thought Johnny Depp and his crew would have an easy voyage atop the box office charts for at least a second if not third week in release. What’s even more surprising is that Disney’s Pirates 3, because of its wider rating (PG-13 vs R) and 34% more theaters (4,362 vs 2,871), should have attracted a wider audience than Universal’s filthy but funny pic. But, on Monday, Knocked Up took in $4.4 mil compared to P3‘s $4.1 mil, and again on Tuesday $4.1 mil compared to P3‘s 3.7 mil.

It certainly looks as if domestic audiences are sick of sequels!

Even though the Jack Sparrow threequel scored a $225.4 mil domestic cume so far, it cost well over $300 million without even factoring in its marketing costs. Whereas the Judd Apatow laugher has a $39.2 mil cume compared to its cost of just $30 mil. One big difference was that P3‘s running time was 2 hours and 48 minutes whereas Knocked Up‘s was just 2 hours and 9 minutes. And Disney’s movie received poor reviews while Universal’s got great critiques. This quick and complete collapse of Pirates, one of the most succcessful franchises in movie history, is astonishing. Though the trend started on Knocked Up‘s opening day when P3 finished only #2 in the Midwest and central South.