hostelpartii.jpgHow appropriate that, after last weekend’s 6th place finish of Hostel Part II, the Museum of the Moving Image in New York brings together horror scholar Adam Lowenstein and film critics Sunday as part of look at horror films from the 1970s to present (“It’s Only A Movie”) Beforehand, Lowenstein talks at length about horror and the myriad issues it raises with my sister paper City Pages‘ film critic Rob Nelson. I happen to think it’s way early to proclaim the horror genre’s demise: there’s still too much money to be made from these disgusting films, or so the movie companies continue to think. Lowenstein, an associate professor of English and film at the U of Pittsburgh, sees these films from an artistic POV, trying to determine whether the Splat Pack engage the post-9/11 moment as meaningfully as the classic American shockers of the ’70s addressed the Vietnam War and other atrocities of their era. Here’s the full Q-and-A: