04quarters_190.jpgSo this lame publicity gimmick isn’t scary like the guerrilla marketing that shut down Boston or called out the L.A. bomb squad. But the U.S. Mint is angry at 20th Century Fox for its Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer coin. The New York Times says the studio placed a full-color image of the Silver Surfer on the backs of 40,000 California statehood quarters. But it’s illegal to advertise on coins. Either this is a dumb move or smart-like-a-Fox: after all, it did spark media coverage. Still, I have to ask: Have Hollywood studios stopped listening to the lawyer? Are their marketing departments bereft of ideas? (UPDATE: I now hear the Franklin Mint assured 20th everything was on the up and up. And there’s lots of other cool stuff for the pic besides coins.)