nbc-past11.jpgSo Jeff Zucker is holding a little reception today on the 52nd executive floor at NBC’s 30 Rock for new guy Ben Silverman. (Plenty of time for everyone to notice that Ben is prone to flop-sweat along the lines of Albert Brooks in Broadcast News.) Earlier, Zucker and Silverman made a point of sitting together at the Peabody Awards luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria while NBC dominated the entertainment category. Interesting how the network can win awards for Friday Night Lights, Scrubs, and The Office — just not viewers. But Silverman himself took honors for The Office and ABC’s Ugly Betty. “Ben gave a very smart acceptance speech for Ugly Betty,” I’m told. “Even though the show is ABC’s, at the very end he went, “And, oh my gosh, thanks to my new boss Jeff Zucker.’ It was clear he was only doing it to kiss up, and the whole room laughed.”