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June 2007 Archive

Box Office

'Ratatouille' Roasts Rivals, 'Die Hard' #2; Michael Moore's 'Sicko' Has Healthy Debut

SUNDAY AM: Disney / Pixar’s Ratatouille cooked up a winning recipe as America’s No. 1 movie, opening big with $47.2 mil this weekend from a bountiful 3,940 theaters. Surprisingly, it performed equally well on Friday as it did Saturday featuring the famed kiddie matinees. But Remy The Rat’s debut is still well below the last Disney / Pixar toon Cars, which opened in 2006 to $60 mil and earned less than 2003’s Finding Nemo ($70 mil) and 2004’s The Incredibles ($70 mil)… Read

RIP: GMA Entertainment Critic Joel Siegel

I didn’t know Joel Siegel personally until I started Deadline Hollywood Daily. So I was incredibly flattered when he emailed me one day saying he was a huge fan of the website, and loved reading my caustic Oscar commentary. Joel rightfully patted himself on the back for his own best line to describe how interminable the most recent Academy Awards on his ABC network had become: “When the broadcast began, Jack Nicholson had a full head of hair.” So sad that this funny and… Read

Box Office

Does Bruce Die Hard Or Get Ratatouille'd?

FRIDAY AM: Yes, it’s the start of another nailbiter for gross receipts this summer weekend as blockbusters bust a move in movie theaters. Right now my box office gurus are saying the totals for both films by Sunday look neck-and-neck: between $40 million to $45 million. Naturally, Fox especially is trying to lower 5-day expectations for Live Free Or Die Hard by projecting high $30s (as in millions) since its adult action marketplace is so jammed with high-profile product… Read

WSJ Reporters Stage Big Murdoch Protest

If you had trouble reaching a Wall Street Journal reporter this morning, that’s because many who belong to the union chose not to show up for work across the country until this afternoon. It’s been described to me as a “non walk-in”. First, because they feel the paper’s long tradition of independence is threatened since its editorial integrity is dependent on an owner committed to journalistic independence. (In other words, that’s not Rupert Murdoch.) And second, they… Read

NYSE Says No Moore to 'Sicko' Director

EXCLUSIVE: I just confirmed that Sicko documentary creator Michael Moore was barred from making a scheduled media appearance inside the New York Stock Exchange today. His publicist says it was because he and a group of nurses intended to call for Wall Street investors and Main Street consumers to divest themselves of HMO, health insurance, and drug company stocks. The Oscar-winner and representatives of the California Nurses Association were slated to do a series… Read

Influential Harvard Grads In Hollywood?

Ugh, the lamebrains who ask me for Hollywood info. The latest is the magazine 02138 — described as “devoted to, but not affiliated with, Harvard” — that’s compiling a supposed list of 100 Influential Harvard Grads including infotainment. But the mag seems totally clueless about Hollywood players, much less which ones were Harvard alums. (Especially when most wear the school crest virtually around their necks.) My advice? Don’t read this issue. It’ll be laughable. But if… Read

Tom Cruise Is Finally Shown The Money

I’m told Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner have completed that $500 million production financing arranged by Merrill Lynch for United Artists. (This had been in the works for months and months.) There should be an announcement before the end of June. As I first reported on Sunday, their new campaign to raise the profile of UA continues. The latest: Cruise and Wagner will make an “unannounced” stop at the European exhibitors confab Cinema Expo in Holland today to unveil… Read