spideyacross2.jpgINTERNATIONAL UPDATE: #1 Spidey Has Red Hot Wkd: $60M U.S. & $85M Intl But No Record. Globally $622M!

SUNDAY AM: This weekend the Webbed Wonder was still hot at the box office if not in the record books, earning $60 million its second weekend out from 4,252 theaters, still the widest U.S. release ever in film history. No, that gross didn’t set a precedent. But it doesn’t matter that Spider-Man 3 was down 60%, to be expected after last weekend’s nearly round-the-clock screenings. “Remember, those midnight shows in the first day really threw things off,” one box office guru explains.

For comparison purposes, Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest took in $64 million its second weekend out, or down -52% from its phenomenal opening. That included an $18.4 million haul — -67% — for the second Friday, then -44% Saturday and Sunday for a combined -54%. spideyacross1.jpgThe same will happen to SM3, which earned $17 million Friday (-72%) and $25.1 mil Saturday (-51%) and a projected $18 mil Sunday. Good news for Sony is that Tobey Maguire and the gang’s per screen average is still a healthy $14,111 for Friday-Sunday. Spidey’s new domestic cume is a lightning-fast $242 million. In second place, Fox Atomic’s super-scary 28 Weeks Later did slightly less than the low teens experts predicted: it had a $9.5 million opening weekend. Proving a Spidey alternative, the Danny Boyle-produced London zombie pic pulled in $3.8 mil Friday, $3.4 mil Saturday and a projected #2.2 mil Sunday from 2,303 venues. The critics panned #3 Morgan Creek / Universal’s Georgia Rule, but even the combined star wattage of Lindsay Lohan, Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda couldn’t help this flatliner: it debuted at only $5.9 mil from 3,106 playdates. DreamWorks / Paramount’s 5-week-old Disturbia hung on for 4th, earning $4.7 mil from 3,106 theaters and a new cume of $66.1 mil. 28weekslater1.jpgLionsgate newcomer Delta Farce (the name says it all) came in at #5 with $3.3 mil from 1,931 venues. The rest of this weekend’s TOP 10 were dead-on-arrival, for the most part. New Line’s Fracture keeps getting mashed at the box office: in 6th place, it took in only $2.9 mil from 2,202 playdates for a flattened new cume of $31 mil going into its 4th week out. Disney/Buena Vista’s The Invisible scraped up $2.2 mil from 1,943 theaters for #7; its new cume is just $15.5 mil. No. 9 Focus Feature’s Hot Fuzz, going into its 4th week, finished the weekend with $1.7 mil from 1,236 playdates and a new cume of $19 mil. MGM’s newcomer The Ex opened weakly Friday at #9 and then fell out of the Top 10 altogether by Sunday with $1.4 mil even though it was only playing in 1,009 theaters. Instead, the only kiddie fare, Disney’s Meet The Robinsons, jumped into 9th place even after 7 weeks out showing the pent-up demand for a ‘toon — which bodes very well for DreamWorks Animation’s Shrek the Third which opens next weekend. It earned $1.8 mil from 1,640 playdates for a new cume of $94.2 mil. And #10 Paramount’s Next was on life support with $1.5 mil from 2,017 venues for a new cume of just $14.5 mil starting its 3rd week out. Chart here:

  1. 1. Spider-Man 3 did $17 mil Fri, $25 mil Sat and an est $18 mil Sun. ($242M)
  2. 2. 28 Weeks Later earned $3.8 mil Fri, $3.4 mil Sat and an est $2.2 mil Sun. ($5.5M)
  3. 3. Georgia Rule made $1.8 mil Fri, $2.3 mil Sat and an est $1.6 mil Sun. ($5.9M)
  4. 4. Disturbia earned $1.5 mil Fri, $1.9 mil Sat and an est $1.1 mil Sun. ($4.7M)
  5. 5. Delta Farce took in $1.1 mil Fri, $1.3 mil Sat and an est $745K Sun. ($3.3M)
  6. 6. Fracture made $835K Fri, $1.2 mil Sat and an est $865K Sun. ($2.9M)
  7. 7. The Invisible did $740K Fri, $905K mil Sat and an est $555K Sun. ($2.2M)
  8. 8. Meet The Robinsons earned $400K Fri, $745K Sat and an est $655K Sun. ($1.8M)
  9. 9. Hot Fuzz made $510K Fri, $700K Sat and an est $540K Sun. ($1.7M)
  10. 10. Next did $480K Fri, $675K Sat and an est $395 Sun. ($1.5M)