posterspiderman3.jpgI told you that Sony was acting extra-sneaky with Spider-Man 3, quietly adding lots of midnight showings tonight in major cities around the country. Now Fandango, which sells movie tickets to more than 15,000 screens, reports that more than 100 midnight Spidey shows for tonight are sold-out. As a result, many theaters are adding 3:00 a.m. shows to accomodate the extra demand. The threequel is expectedly snaring a whopping 95% of all movie ticket sales on Fandango, outpacing both Spider-Man 2 and Pirates 2 in advance Sales. It’s Fandango’s fastest-selling movie of the year so far — a strong indicator of fan anticipation for the U.S. release which has already broken Asian and European box office records. Fandango is reporting that SM3 is currently selling six times as many tickets as Spider-Man 2 and 2 1/2 times as many tickets as last year’s Pirates: Dead Man’s Chest sold at the same point in the films’ respective sales cycles on Fandango.