UPDATED: This is what I’m told by sources is the current state of primetime pilot possibilities at all the networks. Stay tuned for more updates:


Hearing they will pick up 4 to 6 projects.

1. PRIVATE PRACTICE (Grey’s Anatomy Spinoff) by Shonda Rhimes (ABC TV Studios): This will definitely be on the air.
2. DIRTY, SEXY, MONEY by Craig Wright (ABC TV Studios/Berlanti): This show tested very well. The stars were easily recognizable for the audience.
3. PUSHING DAISIES by Bryan Fuller (WBTV): ABC is very high on this and it has gone over extremely well. Word is show being given the right to make offers to writers.
4. PERFECT GENTLEMEN by Jon Feldman (WBTV): The pilot is not in the best of shape, but it tested really well, with audiences really liking the men. Hearing this is a McPherson favorite. Word is show being given the right to make offers to writers.
5. MARLOWE by Pruss & Wolper (ABC TV Studios): Came in very strong and ABC really likes this project. It didn’t test great, but Jason O’Mara is supposed to be great. They have ordered 2 more scripts.

1. FOOTBALL WIVES by Marco Pennette (ABC TV Studios/Brancato-Salke): Hearing mixed reports. This tested very well with women and only so so for the men. There could be some more work done on this pilot. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it mid-season.
2. CASHMERE MAFIA by Kevin Wade (Sony/Darren Star): Did not come off as well as they hope (They did a day of re-shoots), but no one is counting it out. It tested so-so, with the characters being the focal point of what people liked.
3. ELI STONE by Greg Berlanti & Marc Guggenheim (ABC TV Studios/Berlanti): This can never be counted out. Hearing the testing results were mixed and that it viewed that way as well.

1. SUSPECT by Ed Zuckerman (Sony/25c): Not hearing a lot about this project, heard that it came in looking great.
2. JUDY’S GOT A GUN by Robert & Michelle King (ABC TV Studios): Came in better than they thought, but didn’t test well at all.
3. WOMEN’S MURDER CLUB by Craft & Fain (20th): This project must have something good in it, because they did a day of re-shoots. They will view this week.

1. MR. & MRS. SMITH by Simon Kinberg (Regency/Dutch Oven): Hearing this did not turn out well or screen well at all.
2. UNTITLED RINA MIMOUN (WBTV): Heard this pilot did not come in strong and is not getting any sort of buzz.

Hearing they will pick up 3 or 4 pilots and, as expected, it’s very quiet over there.

1. LOS DUQUES by Cynthia Cidre (CBS Paramount/ABC TV Studios): Hear that they are in love with this pilot and that it looks amazing. Jimmy Smits and cast are great.
2. BABYLON FIELDS by Atkinson & Cuesta (20th): Very happy with this pilot. Was in competition with Twilight but this project came in much much better.
3. THE MAN by Anthony Zuiker (CBS Paramount); Came in better than expected and they are very pleased. Hearing this got a huge amount of response over at CBS.

1. SWINGTOWN by Mike Kelley (CBS Paramount): They really like this pilot but are not sure they can put it on air, rumors of it going to Showtime are floating around.
2. PROTECT & SERVE by Gibson & Halpern/GST (NUTS): Came in well and has a good shot.

1. SKIP TRACER by Burgess & Green (CBS Paramount): A very good pilot. Not hearing a ton of buzz but fits the CBS mold of what they do.
2. VIVA LAUGHLIN by Bob Lowry (CBS Paramount/Sony/BBC Worldwide): The reviews on this have been very mixed, but heard some over at CBS really like the format.

1. UNTITLED BARRY SCHINDEL (CBS Paramount): Have heard this did not come out well at all.
2. DEMONS by Barbara Hall (CBS Paramount): Hearing this came in very poor and that it is not well liked.
3. TWILIGHT by Munson & Koslow (WBTV/Silver): This did not come in great and, with Babylon Fields looking strong, this is very cold.

Hearing they will pick up 4 to 5 pilots.

1. SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES by Josh Freidman (WBTV): This will be their one sure thing to pick up. Heard it looks great and they are very excited about how it came together.
2. APOSTLES by Chuck Pratt (20th): This came in much better than they thought and this is looking very good for a pick up.
3. THEM by McNamara & Eick (CBS Paramount/Eick/Circle of Confusion): This came in very strong and has a lot of support.

1. NURSES by Goodman & Stern (20th): Hearing they really like this show and would be something a bit lighter for them to put on the air.
2. K-VILLE by Jonathan Lisco (20th): This pilot is really starting to pick up some steam. Wouldn’t be surprised if it got a pick up.

1. THE CURE by Massett & Zinman (WBTV): Hearing that this is just ok for them. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this move up.
2. CANTERBURY’S LAW by David Erickson (Sony/Apostle): Again hearing this is ok. Wouldn’t be surprised if they picked up another law show.

1. NEW AMSTERDAM by Christian Taylor (Regency): Hearing this pilot does not look good and the pace of the show is incredibly slow.
2. SUPREME COURTSHIPS by Gary Tieche (20th/Adelstein): Heard this pilot is a mess and not getting any buzz at all.
3. NSA INNOCENT by Ehrman & Cochran (20th): Not a lot of buzz on this. That’s why it made the cold list.


1. GOSSIP GIRL by Josh Schwartz & Stephanie Savage (WBTV): This pilot looks great and is a great fit for their brand. Will be picked up.
2. THE REAPER by Fazekas & Butters (ABC TV Studios/Mark Gordon): CW is very happy with this show and I am hearing a lot of good things about it.

1. UNTITLED SOUTH AFRICA by Michael Rauch (CBS Paramount/Company Pics): Heard this came in ok, but, given their needs, this should get a pickup.

1. BARNES by Tom Wheeler (WBTV/Class IV): This has come in so-so and not being talked about that much. However, it could easily move its way up.
2. SPELLBOUND by Maggie Friedman (WBTV): Hearing mixed reviews on this pilot.

1. PAIGE ARMSTRONG by Rod Lurie (ABC TV Studios/Battle Plan): Not hearing great things and it lacks a showrunner.

The network with the most needs. Execs have screened everything.

1. BIONIC WOMAN (NBC Uni TV): Serious about.
2. CHUCK (WBTV) Serious about.
3. JOURNEYMEN (20th)
4. LIPSTICK JUNGLE (NBC Uni TV): Slam dunk.

1. FORT PIT (Apostle/Sony)
2. M.O.N.Y. (NBC Uni TV)