pellicanoperps2.jpgMy take is that there’s nothing really new in The New York Times Page One article and audiotapes about Michael Ovitz, Brad Grey, John McTiernan, Courtney Love and Chris Rock. But they sure are interesting. I’ve heard that the Pellicano reporting team of staffer David Halbfinger and freelancer Allison Hope Weiner have been working for months on future stories with NYT Investigations Editor Matthew Purdy, so clearly the paper is taking the Pellicano scandal seriously even now. (Unlike the LA Times which has ceded the story in its own backyard.) Monday’s NYT article appears aimed at a wider audience in that it’s an explanatory piece about Pellicano’s role in Hollywood. The NYT story comes at an inauspicious time for both Ovitz and Grey. Ovitz has been trying to pick up the pieces of his shattered career. (Recently, Ovitz has been quietly offering to aid younger journalists who don’t remember his history of media manipulations.) And Grey is under tremendous pressure at Paramount where only DreamWorks movies have been successful. (Recently, Grey has been the target of vicious rumors which have been denied by his studio.) Meanwhile, I have always wondered whether Ovitz’s and Grey’s well-known direct contacts with Pellicano would get them into trouble. The private dick goes on trial in August. But a court hearing tomorrow will determine if the proceeding is delayed yet again. UPDATE: I hear the Pellicano trial has been postponed yet again, from August to February 26, 2008.