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May 2007 Archive

Box Office

B.O. Predictions: 'Shrek 3' $100M-$110M This Wkd; 'Pirates 3' $180M Mem Wkd

There is such obvious pent-up demand among parents and their offspring for a fresh ‘toon that Shrek the Third should prove critic-proof in spite of awful reviews. My box office gurus are predicting $100 million to $110 million for the threequel which will be playing in a huge 4,122 number of theaters. On the other hand, starting Friday, Sony’s Spider-Man 3 expands its playdates to 4,324 (+72) after already setting a record for the widest U.S. release. Meanwhile… Read

Primetime Pilot Panic: Final Fox Sked

FOX Primetime Schedule for 2007-2008 Season MONDAY 8:00pm: Prison Break 9:00pm: K-VILLE (new show) TUESDAY 8:00pm: NEW AMSTERDAM (new show) 9:00pm: House WEDNESDAY 8:00pm: BACK TO YOU (new show) 8:30pm: ‘Til Death 9:00pm: Bones THURSDAY 8:00pm: Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? 9:00pm: KITCHEN NIGHTMARES (new show) FRIDAY 8:00pm: THE SEARCH FOR THE NEXT GREAT AMERICAN BANDS (new show) 9:00pm: NASHVILLE (new show) SATURDAY 8:00pm: Cops 8:30pm: Cops 9:00pm: America’s Most… Read

Primetime Pilot Panic: Final CW Sked

CW Primetime Schedule for 2007-2008 Season MONDAY 8:00pm: Everybody Hates Chris 8:30pm: ALIENS IN AMERICA (new show) 9:00pm: Girlfriends 9:30pm: The Game TUESDAY 8:00pm: Beauty And The Geek 9:00pm: THE REAPER (new show) WEDNESDAY 8:00pm: America’s Next Top Model 9:00pm: GOSSIP GIRL (new show) THURSDAY 8:00pm: Smallville 9:00pm: Supernatural FRIDAY 800pm: Friday Night Smackdown SUNDAY 7:00pm: ONLINE NATION (new show) 7:30pm: CW NOW (new show) 8:00pm: LIFE IS WILD (new… Read

30,000 'Star Wars' Fans Will Invade L.A.

Attention all you Lukes, Leias, Darth Vaders, Wookies, Ewoks and Stormtroopers: from May 24 to May 28,  CELEBRATION IV, the world's biggest Star Wars party and only the 5th such event, will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center featuring live entertainment, celebrities from all six movies, special film and video presentations, an exhibit of movie props and costumes, exclusive merchandise sold at a 24-hour-a-day store, pop culture tributes, immersive events, fan… Read

Updates: LA Times & Hollywood Reporter

So who’s taking the Los Angeles Times buyout? has posted the up-to-date list. Interestingly, I’ve heard from sources that it’s “Let’s Make a Deal” time at the paper for reporters and editors: all offers will be considered by management seeking to  eliminate 100-150 jobs at the paper even if the terms don’t exactly match those presented. (The “Employee Voluntary Separation Program” consists of two weeks pay and benefits for every year the employee has worked… Read

NBC, Put Us Out Our Misery: Cancel Trump

So NBC tells me it hasn’t made a decision whether to renew The Apprentice, the primetime infomercial for Donald Trump’s real estate and golf courses masquerading as a TV game show. Given that the humilitainment series has zero credibility, and The Donald even less than that, the answer should be no. For my low opinion of NBC airing his Trumped-up ad, see Hey, Donald You Should Be… Read

Primetime Pilot Panic: Final CBS Sked

CBS TELEVISION NETWORK: 2007-2008 PRIMETIME SCHEDULE: MONDAY 8:00pm: How I Met Your Mother 8:30pm: THE BIG BANG THEORY (new show) 9:00pm: Two And A Half Men 9:30pm: Rules Of Engagement 10:00pm: CSI: Miami TUESDAY 8:00pm: NCIS 9:00pm: The Unit 10:00pm: CANE (new show) WEDNESDAY 8:00pm: KID NATION (new show) 9:00pm: Criminal Minds 10:00pm: CSI: NY THURSDAY 8:00pm: Survivor/China 9:00pm: CSI 10:00pm: Without A Trace FRIDAY 8:00pm: Ghost Whisperer 9:00pm: MOONLIGHT (new… Read

Primetime Pilot Panic: The Scoop On CW

Here is the latest information out of The CW, I’m told: ONE TREE HILL is renewed for 22 episodes. New show GOSSIP GIRL picked up for fall. Pilot REAPER is picked up. SUPERNATURAL renewed for 22 episodes. SMALLVILLE picked up for 22 episodes. GIRLFRIENDS and THE GAME both look likely to be renewed. New show WILD AT HEART picked up.  Read

Primetime Pilot Panic: Final ABC Sked

ABC's official fall primetime schedule is as follows: MONDAY 8:00 p.m. Dancing with the Stars 9:30 p.m. SAM I AM (new comedy series) 10:00 p.m. The Bachelor TUESDAY 8:00 p.m. CAVEMEN (new comedy series) 8:30 p.m. CARPOOLERS (new comedy series) 9:00 p.m. Dancing with the Stars the Results Show 10:00 p.m. Boston Legal WEDNESDAY 8:00 p.m. PUSHING DAISIES (new drama series) 9:00 p.m. PRIVATE PRACTICE (new drama series) 10:00 p.m. DIRTY SEXY MONEY (new drama series)… Read

Morton's: A Million Deals. Now A Wake.

I’m constantly amazed how the Hollywood media seem to have no institutional memory when it comes to the Industry's culture. That's why none reported with any fanfare on that showbiz institution Morton's shutting its doors at the end of the year. Namesake Pam Morton is so verklempt about it, all she could say to me Tuesday was, "It's time for me to pursue other passions." Sure, the restaurant has been eclipsed by The Grill for lunch and wherever is trendiest for dinner… Read

Bob Shaye Looks Like Even Bigger Idiot…

So DreamWorks (i.e. Stacey Snider and Steven Spielberg, specifically) has usurped New Line and is in the Peter Jackson business in a big way now by anteing up for a trilogy of beloved kid fare Tintin, plus Lovely Bones. Just for lousing up his studio’s relationship with Mr. Lord Of The Rings and losing his King Kong talent is why Time Warner should kick to the curb Mr. Lord of the Rants when Shaye’s contract is up in 2008. Studios Fight Over Unusual Peter Jackson Pic Deal… Read