spidey3.jpgSUNDAY AM: Sony’s Webbed Wonder was red hot at the box office if not in the record books, earning a staggering $622 million worldwide in just its first 10 days of release. So it’s certain the threequel will race by previous Spider-Mans globally (the original was the biggest with an $821 mil total). But SM3 took in $60 million in North America at the start of its second weekend out from 4,252 theaters, still the widest U.S. release ever in film history but good enough money for only 4th in the record books for 2nd weekends(behind the original SM) and 4th in the record books among fastest movies to hit $200M domestically (behind SM2). spider_man_3.jpgBut Sony says Spider-Man 3 ticket sales are “far out-pacing” the 2002 performance of the original and its 2004 sequel  in terms of U.S. cume — SM1 was at $223M after week 2 and SM2 was at $225M. Like other contemporary mega franchises, the threequel’s second week drop of 60% — to be expected after last weekend’s nearly round-the-clock screenings — is in line with the kind of decline experienced by Pirates of the Carribean 2 in its 2nd weekend at the box office. “Gravity does take a hold to some degree in the second week as the movie settles back into a more predictable box office pattern of solid returns,” a Sony spokesman says. For comparison purposes, P2 took in $64 million its second weekend out, or down -52% from its phenomenal opening. SM3 earned $17 million Friday (-72%) and $25.1 mil Saturday (-51%) and a projected $18 mil Sunday. Spidey’s new domestic cume is a lightning-fast $242 million. Internationally, the pic did $85.5 mil for a giant new cume of $380 mil. That means worldwide Spider-Man 3 has made $622 mil. Meanwhile, there’s great news for DreamWorkds Animation’s upcoming blockbuster spideyacross2.jpgShrek The Third which opens next weekend: obvious pent-up demand at the box office for a ‘toon. That’s because Disney’s Meet The Robinsons jumped into 9th place even after 7 weeks out. As for this Friday through Sunday, the Spidey alternative was Fox Atomic’s London zombie pic 28 Weeks Later which at No. 2 did slightly less than the low teens experts predicted: it had a $9.5 million opening weekend. And the critics panned #3 Morgan Creek / Universal’s Georgia Rule, but even the combined star wattage of Lindsay Lohan, Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda couldn’t help it debut better than only $5.9 mil from 3,106 playdates. Meanwhile, Tobey Maguire and the gang sucked the air out of the rest of this weekend’s B.O.: Top 10 is here.