spiderman3_creepingart1.jpgSo what can a pic do the weekend after it’s made $151 million domestically and $382 mil globally and broken nearly every opening record to boot? (Hint: it doesn’t go to Disney World.) Well, if it’s Spider-Man 3 still in the widest U.S. release ever with 4,252 theaters, and it’s up against a highly anticipated horror flick sequel (Fox Atomic’s 28 Days Later) and a critically panned chick flick (Morgan Creek / Universal’s Georgia Rule), the answer is: you keep making gobs of green. My box office gurus say Spidey will do between $60 mil and $70 mil this weekend, putting the film’s domestic cume at $250 mil just one week out.

shrekthird.jpgMeanwhile, stellar tracking for Shrek The Third has DreamWorks Animation mighty relieved that it appears critic-proof. (Finke/LA Weekly: Blockbusters Cometh) I’m told the toon should make no less than $90 mil and more likely as much as $100 mil at the box office when it opens Friday May 18th. And, yes, that release date is firm. No early Wednesday or Thursday sneaks planned. 

And the tracking for Disney’s Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End is predictably gargantuan. Since it’ll open Thursday night of Memorial Weekend (Disney Moves Up Release Of ‘Pirates 3’), I’m told to expect a 4-day U.S. gross of between $150 mil and $175 mil even with an unofficial running time of 2 hours and 47 minutes. pirates3.jpgAnd, remember, P3 is opening day and date in about 100+ territories, so expect a huge foreign gross as well. Normally, those kind of sky-high figures would cause Hollywood to walk the gangplank. But it still remains to be seen if Johnny Depp and the crew can beat SM3‘s ozone-level 3-day weekend debut numbers. Me-thinks not.