luckyyou.jpgLet’s go with the number $40 million to $50 million. No, that’s not what Lucky You made this weekend. That’s what the pic lost. The only other major movie opening this weekend besides Spider-Man 3 was this Warner Bros’ 2 year old pic directed by Curtis Hanson and starring Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana that the studio dumped opposite the Sony record-breaker. The poker pic only managed 6th place with $2.6 mil from Friday to Sunday in 2,525 theaters. Given that I’m told the film cost $58 million, plus another $34 million in promotion and advertising, this is a major wipeout for Warner Bros. (Only comforted by the fact that it was co-financed with Village Roadshow). Money guys tell me the writedown should be around $40M, other sources tell me $40M to $50M, and rival studios claim $80M. Next time the studio should just bet the moolah on roulette.