smallspidey.JPGThe 2007 Summer Movie Season has officially begun! I’ve just been told by an insider that the Asian grosses for Spider-Man 3 are bigger than for SM1 and SM2. UPDATE: *Sony Pictures has now confirmed to me that “the Asian returns are bigger than 1 & 2 in every territory we opened… In some cases, SM3 is bigger than opening days of 1 and 2 combined…” I’m still getting more specifics. Stay tuned.* 2ND UPDATE: *I’m told Spider-Man 3 today opened bigger than 1 and 2 in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philippines. In terms of $$$, SM3 debuted in Japan with $3.47 mil, South Korea $3.46 mil and Hong Kong $958.9K. It was the biggest single day ever recorded in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines. In Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand and The Phillipines, the film outgrossed the combined opening day of Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2. Needless to say, Sony Pictures is relieved at all the record-setting releases in 8 Asian territories. tobey.jpgThe pic scored the biggest opening day ever in South Korea and Hong Kong. In Japan, it set the biggest Tuesday gross ever, including openings. In South Korea, it was the biggest opening day ever. In Hong Kong, it was the biggest opening ever, beating not just Hollywood but also local product like Kung Fu Hustle. In Singapore, it was the biggest movie-going day, both opening and gross on any day. Same with Malaysia, Thailand and The Philippines. Finally, in Thailand, it was the biggest Monday-through-Friday gross ever. SM3 also opened in 8 markets in or near Europe today: France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria and Egypt.*