Everyone talks about a Sopranos movie, but only creator-writer-director-producer David Chase can make it happen. There’s news on that front. Chase himself just told MTV News that a recent conversation with fellow HBO alum, Oz producer Tom Fontana, may have provided the inspiration he needs. Fontana “said you could do a story about the Sopranos’ grandparents first coming to this country. I had never thought about that. That was interesting to me.” What a change. Because just as the HBO series’ swan song was starting, I checked in with his longtime manager and producer Brad Grey (who now runs a small Hollywood studio called Paramount) to find out the status of the movie. “He has no plans for it right now. David would have to come up with an idea he’d really love that was interesting enough for him to try to do. He’s not there.” Maybe things have changed. Though this Italian immigrant experience has been done to death, Chase could give it a fresh slant.